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    We dedicate our services and this website to the life and teachings of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj. More..
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About Us

The Swami Chidananda Sevashram is a monastery for the modern world. We propose to create a model community where people of all ages and backgrounds can live lives based on the principles and practices of Ayurveda for the body, Yoga for the mind and Vedanta for the soul. SEEK DIVINITY SERVE HUMANITY is a vision which has been handed down to us by our spiritual masters Sri Swami Sivananda and Sri Swami Chidananda Swami Chidananda Sevashram is a collective vision to promote the teachings of this lineage—to achieve universal well-being through Vedic Knowledge.

Our Events

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WATCH LIVE -11th December from 4pm to 8.30 pm

PLEASE CHECK HERE AT 4 PM ON 11TH DECEMBER “Swami Chidananda Sevashram” takes the...
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Swami Chidananda Sevashram Presents: CHIDANANDA DECADE (2016-2026)

It is a great honour and privilege for Swami Chidananda Sevashram to present SWAMI CHIDANANDA...
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Daily Satsang

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Quotes of the day Misery is mistaken for happiness, pain is mistaken for pleasure. Reading of the day. The moment you move towards the external scene, you are surrounded by external objects; and each external object has got its own attraction for your mind due to long...
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Recent Post

Dedication to Gurudev Chidananda

Is it possible to know the secrets of the vast immeasurable space, encompassing...
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Importance of Archival

The course of life does not change arbitrarily, it evolves. Innovations do not occur...
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Importance of the Practice of Yoga

Mind is the main obstacle in the unfoldment of spiritual consciousness. It is the...
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Theory of Ayurveda

The theory of Ayurveda is that the root of disease is not in the body, but in the...
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