I. Yoga & Meditation Training

  1. Introductory and advanced, certified courses on Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama in a holistic way designed to help people improve their well-being to maintain harmony and joy in today’s stressful life and encourage them to ultimately lead towards enlightenment.
  2. Full-fledged courses for men and women who seek to live a better life. Swami Chidananda Sevashram will breath life into these seekers of life divine.


II. Yoga & Meditation Teaching

  1. Yoga Teacher Training courses, Yoga Camps, Workshops and Conferences from time to time.
  2. To create an infrastructure to teach the practical aspects of Yoga with spiritual concepts in Schools, Colleges and other Educational institutes with the help of modern technology.


III. Spiritual Dissemination

  1. To prepare the youth of India for the Life Divine while imbibing in them values, teachings into their day to day life by giving them moral, ethical, value education and secrets of leadership, motivation and personality development. So that they can contribute to the society, country and world at large. Undertake necessary steps to conduct Youth Camps where the present day youth is brought in contact with the benefits of our ancient Indian concepts in today’s stressful life with the help of science and modern technology.
  2. To Conduct Summer Camps for Children to bring them close to our Indian culture, spirituality, moral and ethical values and teach them to be better citizens of India and the world.


IV. Social Welfare

  1. Contribute to the general welfare of humanity by individuals ancestral methods and tools to live life with purpose.
  2. To seek the maximum opportunity to serve selflessly, the poor, the deserving and the needy from the underprivileged segment of the society.


V. Monastery

  1. To Establish a complete Monastic setup for the Spiritual seekers with suitable environment for individual sadhana within the framework of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji and Paramagurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj’s Sannyasa Ideals.
  2. To provide a place for other sincere spiritual seekers also, who are in search for the suitable place for their spiritual practices. Especially all the Gurubhais (Disciples of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji) who are scattered all over to be brought under one umbrella and give them a secure and safe place to spend their rest of the life in Sadhana.


VI. Guru Sishya Parampara

  1. To create an infrastructure dedicated to celebrate the spirit of discipleship that was reflected by the exemplary life of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji, who always directed one and all to follow his Guru Worshipful Paramagurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj.
  2. To follow the ideology of Gurudev Sri Swami Chidanandaji who sacrificed his life for the upliftment of humanity at large and touched the lives of millions of people and taught the highest spirit of humility and true discipleship.
  3. To spread the teachings of Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj and Worshipful Paramagurudev Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj through modern technological means to the present-day youth and society at large.
  4. To unite all the people from all over the world who have been in contact of Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj during His lifetime. Whether they met him, seen him, initiated by him or just know him and like him. And thus provide a forum for them to talk and share their experiences with Swami Chidanandaji and its impact on their lives for the benefit of the next generation.
  5. To celebrate in a grand manner, the upcoming Birth Centenary of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji in the year 2016 in all parts of India.


VII. Spreading the Word

  1. To Collect, Preserve, Digitize and Archive all available materials pertaining to Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji such as quotes, messages, articles, images, audios, videos etc. Record Interviews of the devotees and disciples about their experiences of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji and its impact on their lives. Open a website and also use the modern social networking media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to spread the message and the mission of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji and the Trust.
  2. To help create an environment for digital archiving for precious audio visual materials of other spiritual personalities whose works if preserved can help sustain the Sant Parampara of India.
  3. To produce the first ever biopic to explain the life divine of two great sages of the modern times, Swami Sivanandaji and Swami Chidanandaji.
  4. To make documentaries, films on the exemplary life of Gurudev Swami Chidanandaji.
  5. To publish books, magazines, periodicals, newsletters/papers and other publications in different languages and on different subjects.


VIII. Treating the Body along with the Mind

  1. To engage in healthcare through traditional medical knowledge systems like Ayurveda etc.
  2. To help rehabilitate destitute, Mental patients, old men and women, handicapped or disabled persons and facilitate them to become independent.


IX. Extending Our Help to Others

  1. To promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support various other charitable, spiritual, educational development programs for all and all over in India.
  2. To give, monetary or other help and assistance for the relief of persons affected by natural calamities such as flood, fire, famine, cyclone, earthquake, storm, accident, pestilence, drought, epidemic and the like, to give donations, subscriptions or contributions to institutions, establishments, centres or persons doing relief work on such occasion.